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Rac-Ethylenebis(1-indenyl) zirconium dichloride 100080-82-8

Formula:   C20H16CI2Zr    

Molar Mass:    418.5 g/mol

CAS-Reg.-No.:  100080-82-8

EINECS-No.:    456-950-5

Preliminary Specification:

Unit1                              Test Method

Zr content:    20.8 – 22.8   % m/m  TM.AN.MD.01

Cl content:    15.9 – 17.9   % m/m  TM.MO.CL.02

Inorganic Salts:   0.0 – 1.0   % m/m  TM.AN.MD.01

rac in rac/meso mixture:  95.0 – 100.0   % n/n   TM.AN.NR.H

Particle size < 1500 μm:  100.0    %

Technical Data:  (Values determined on representative samples)

Appearance:  yellow crystalline solid at 20 °C

Melting Point:  170 °C  

Supply Form:   supplied as neat material

Storage Stability:  When stored under suitable conditions in unopened original package, shelf life is one year.

Application:  Catalyst component for olefin polymerization.

Packaging:  Plastic bottles of various volumes from 3.6 – approx. 20 ltr. are available. In order to prevent entry of moisture and air, bottles are being packaged in aluminum coated and sealed film bags under protection gas blanket. For safe transportation of small samples, coated glass flasks are available.

Labeling:  Classification & labeling according to current EU legislation. For further information please refer to our respective safety data sheet.

Handling:  Instructions on handling, transportation and necessary precautions to be taken are given in our safety data sheets. In general, when handling the product, the local appropriate regulations have to be observed.

1 %m/m= wt-%. %n/n= mole-%. H NMR spectrum available for each lot. 

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