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1、To meet the special requirements of customers, to get fruitful results in customer synthesis and new product development, to enhance and accelerate the further cooperation with our clients, WUXI HONOR SHINE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD  founded our own R & D Center.
R & D center is well equipped with advanced experiments & inspection instructions, such as HPLC, GC, Atomic chromatography, Ion chromatography,various size reactors and so on, mainly engaged in the development of pharmaceutical intermediates and high value-added electric chemicals.  The Center is able to carry out chemical synthesis reactions from gram level to kg lot.
In center, we are good at doing unit reactions as follows:
Amination,Chlorometorylation,Cyanation,Esterification,Friedel-Crafts Reaction,
Grignard Reaction,Heterocyclization,Hydrogenation,Hotmann Reaction, Nitration, 
Oxidation,Photohalogenation,Witting Reaction.
2、Professional anti-fouling solution、Customized production of antifouling paint。

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