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(CAS No.: 2372-21-6)Tert-butyl peroxyisopropylcarbonate

Tert-butyl peroxyisopropylcarbonate

Product name: TBIC

Chemical name:   Tert-butyl peroxyisopropylcarbonate
English name: Tert-butyl peroxyisopropylcarbonate 

Short name: BPIC,TBPC or TBIC

Molecular formula: C8H16O4

2.Chemical structural formula:

3.CAS No.:  2372-21-6

4.Molecular weight:       176.2

5.Theoretical content of active oxygen:             9.08%

6.Specification and features:

hyperoxide content:    75% clear transparent liquid

active oxygen content: 6.81%

appearance:            isocamphanes

packing:                25kg container

storage temperature(℃):   maximum: 25 minimum: no

temperature under half-life period(℃):

10H:             98

1 H:             117

 1MIN:            155

control temperature(℃):                     --

alarm temperature(℃):                     --

SADT(℃)    :                      60

UN code:                          3103

Hazardous class: 5.2

Packing group: II

7.Main decomposition product:carbon dioxide, methane, tertiary butanol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol

8.Scope of application: PVC, LDPE, ABS, PS, PMMA

Keep sealing in ventilated place; maximum storage temperature is 25℃; avoid contact with reducing agent

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