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(CAS No. : 75-91-2)Tert-Butyl hydroperoxide
Tert-Butyl hydroperoxide

。Product description
 tert-Butyl hydroperoxide
 70% solution in water
 Molecular weight : 90.1
 Theoretical active Oxygen content : 17.75%
 CAS No. : 75-91-2

 Appearance : Clear colorless liquid
 Assay : 69.0-71.0%
 active Oxygen content : 12.25-12.6%
 Color : 40 Pt-Co max.
 Fe+++: 5ppm max

。Physical properties
 Density, 25℃ : 935 kg/m3
 Viscosity, 20℃ : 4.1 mPa.s
 。Half life data 
 The reactivity of an organic peroxide is usually given by its half life (t1/2) at various 
 temperatures. For LQ-TBHP in chlorobenzene:
 t    0.1 hr      1 hr     10 hr
 at    207℃      185℃     164℃

。Major decomposition products
 Methane, Acetone, tert-Butanol
 LQ-TBHP Ts max.= 40℃ and
 Ts min. = 0℃ to prevent freezing
。Packaging and transport
 The standard packaging is a 25-liter HDPE can for 20 kg peroxide solution or a 220-liter HDPE   
 drum for 190 kg peroxide solution. Delivery in a 1250 l stainless steel Intermediate Bulk  
 Container is also possible in a number of countries. Both packaging and transport meet the 
 international regulations.
 LQ-TBHP is classified as Organic peroxide type F, liquid; Division 5.2; UN 3109; PG II.

 LQ-TBHP can be used as an initiator in bulk, aqueous solution and emulsion polymerization of 
 styrene, acrylates and methacrylates.
 The curing of styrene-polyester resins.
 The use as an oxidizing agent for hydrocarbons or other chemicals.

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