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(CAS No. : 80-43-3)Dicumyl peroxide
Dicumyl peroxide

。Product description
 Dicumyl peroxide

 Molecular Weight: 270.4
 Active Oxygen content : 5.92%
 CAS No. : 80-43-3

 Appearance : White crystals
 Assay : 99.0% min.

。Physical properties
 Bulk density: 660 kg/m3
 Tapped bulk density: 705 kg/m3
 Melting point: 39.5℃

。Major decomposition products
 Acetophenone, methqne, 2-phenylisopropanol

。Packaging and transport
 Standard packaging cartons size for LQ-DCP is 20 kg(4X5kg peroxide) net.
 Smaller packaging size is available on request.
 LQ-DCP is classified as Organic peroxide type F ,solid, Division 5.2 UN No.: 3110 PG II.

。Safety and handling
 Keep contains tightly closed. Store and handle LQ-DCP in a dry well-ventilated place away 
 from sources of heat or ignition and direct sunlight. Never weigh out in the storage room.
 Avoid contact with reducing agents (e.g. amines),acids, alkalis and heavy metal compounds 
 (e.g.accelerators,driers and metal soaps).
 Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for further information on the safe 
 storage, use and handling of LQ-DCP.

1.Polymerization of styrene
 LQ-DCP can be used for the polymerization and (co)polymerization of styrene in the 
 temperature range of 110-165℃. polymerization of styrene in a mass process, LQ-DCP can be 
 obtained at increased polymerization rate.

2.Coagent in flame-retardant polystyrene
 LQ-DCP may also be used as synergistic co-agent in combination with halogen containing flame  
 retardants to produce flame-retardant expandable polystyrene.

3.Rubber crosslink
 Rubber compounds containing LQ-DCP have good processing safety with a moderate rate of cure.

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