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Synonyms: Red Copper Oxide; Brown Copper Oxide; Copper (I) Oxide
CAS No.: 1317-39-1
Molecular Weight: 143.08
Chemical Formula: Cu2O

CAS   No.:1317-39-1


Melting Point: 1232 °C

Boiling Point: 1800 °C

Solubility: Water solubility: Practically insoluble

Appearance: red-brown powder

Risk Codes: 22-50/53-51/53-11

Safety: 22-60-61-16-7

Transport Information: UN 3077 9/PG 3

Nordox cuprous oxide, paint grade, micro milled into fine powder,


Nordox cuprous oxide, originally produced in Norway, paint grade, micro milled into fine red powder, technical grade cuprous oxide, stable properties, with no molybdenum as impurity.

Tally with ASTM Standard D912-81, US MIL P-15169A, British maritime affair byelaw 1150 and French Marine Standard G611, titer: 13.

Use for the substance / preparation: Active ingredient in marine antifouling paints.

Chemical Properties:

Cu2O content: Min. 97%

Total Cu: Min. 86%

Metallic Cu: Min. 0.0001%

Cupric Cu: Max. 1%

Chloride and sulphate: Min. 0.5%

Metals other than Cu: Max. 0.5%

Acetone dissolvent material: Min. 0.5%

Nitric acid indissolvable material: Min. 1%

Stability (Oxidized reducing agent): Min. 1%

Physical Properties:

Partical size:  Min. 99% finer than 5 microns, (British Standard 3406)

                       min. 80% finer than 2 microns, (British Standard 3406)

Wet sieve test: Max. 0.1% on 325 mesh (44 microns) (ASTM:D185)

Moisture: Max. 0.1%

Oil absorbency: 11 (ASTM: D281)

Decentralization: 25 micron

Bulk density: 1.7 kg / cubic decimeter

Packing density: 2.7 kg / cubic decimeter

Biological Properties:

Antifouling: Cuprous oxide is considered the most effective substance to prevent organic alga fouling.

Mammalian toxicity: None


25 kg multiple paper / Al / PE bags. 100 kg per metal barrel.500-1000 kg per whole bag.

Security Index:

Product: Cuprous oxide, Red

Product breed: active ingredient in anti-fouling painting


Cu2O content: Min. 97% (Aprox)

Cupric Cu: Max. 1%

Metals other than cu: 0.5%

Chloride and sulphate: Min. 0.5%

Silicate: 0.5%

Organism: 0.5%

1, Appearance, scent etc.

    Red powder, 25 kg package

2, professional health index:

    TLV: about Cuprous oxide: none, copper dust: 1 g/cubic meter

    LD50: 1340mg/kg (ori.rat)


NORDOX CUPROUS OXIDE, RED, PAINT GRADE is used to made ship bottom anti-fouling paint (to kill the lower marine plants and animals); it shows excellent effects to inhibit and kill the Myxobacteria, algae, Shelled creatures, waterweeds and other common microbes in water. It is a long acting antifouling agent not only compatible well with the marine paint but also environmental friendliness.
Cuprous oxide is also used as a main raw material to produce bactericide in farm chemical industry, or used as red pigment in ceramic, enamel and glass industry.
Furthermore, it can also be used to manufacture various kinds of copper salt or analytical agents, or as a raw material of electroplating rectifier in electrical appliance industry.

Packing: 25kg in the PP bag, 25 tons in the 20'FCL

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