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Bispyrithione 3696-28-4 BPT

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Alias: Dipyrithione; BISPYRITHIONE; 2,2'-Dithiobis (pyridine-N-oxide); 2,2'-disulfanediylbis(pyridine) 1,1'-dioxide

CAS: 3696-28-4

Chemical Molecular Formula: C10H8N2O2S2
Chemical Structural Formula: 252.3054

(1)Content: ≥ 95%
PH(1%solution): 5.0~7.0

Appearance    Off-white Powder

Melting Point: 203~205℃

Dry on loss : 0.5% max

(2)Assay   ≥80%

PH(1%solution)   5.0-7.0

Drying Loss≤20%

(3)Appearance        Off-white dispersion

Assay(Pyrithione Disulfide)    30.0%± 1

PH value(1% solution)         6.0-8.0

Specific gravity(g/ml@25℃)    1.010-1.300

Total Microbial Count     Negative

Application: Broad spectrum, pharmaceutical intermediate, mildewcide for transparent plastic, cosmetic additive, photosensitive material additive, pesticide intermediate and deodorant.;  A good substitute for Zinc Pyrithione  48% to be used in shampoo .


Packing: Solid: 25kgs cardboard drum  

Dispersion: 25kg  plastic drum

Shelf time: stored in cool shady place, 2 years.


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