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HAFMIUM TETRACHLORIDE 99.5% Electrical grade 13499-05-3

English Name:HAFMIUM TETRACHLORIDE  Electrical grade

Appearance:White or light granular

CAS NO:13499-05-3

Chemical formula: Cl4Hf

Molecular Weight: 320.3




Boiling point:315.47℃(estimate)

Density:3.46g/ml at 25℃(lit)

Wt.% major elements:Hf;Theoretical value:55.7255;The actual results:55.4108.

Wt.%Impurity elements:Al;The actual results:0.0012

                                        Cr;The actual results:0.0001

                                        Cu;The actual results:0.0004

                                        Fe;The actual results:0.0016

                                        Mg;The actual results:0.0003

                                        Mn;The actual results:0.0001

                                        Mo;The actual results:0.0002

                                        Nb;The actual results:0.0004

                                        Ni;The actual results:0.0008

                                        Sb;The actual results:0.0003

                                        Si;The actual results:0.0013

                                        Ti;The actual results:0.0001

                                        V;The actual results:0.0001

                                        Zr;The actual results:0.1134

Remarks: The product is easy to deliquescent, hydrogen chloride acid mist is produced in moist air, it should be stored and operated under the protection of inert atmosphere.

Application: used as intermediate, catalyst, semi-conductor and so on .

Packing; 10kg drum or as per customers’ requirement.

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