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Hafnium oxide 12055-23-1

Appearance and description:
Hafnium oxide is the main oxides of hafnium, it is the white odorless and tasteless crystal in normal circumstances.

Name: hafnium dioxide

CAS No.:12055-23-1

Chemical formula: HfO2  

Molecular weight: 210.6

Density: 9.68 g/cm3

Melting point : 2850 ℃

Boiling point: 5400 ℃


  1. Product properties:
    Hafnium oxide is a kind of non-toxic and tasteless white solid, not dissolve in water, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, be soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen fluoride acid;They are chemically inert, with thin film properties:  transparent range~220~12000nm;refractive index(250nm)~2.15 (500nm)~2, with high melting point, so it has a wide range of end-uses.

Product grades:

  1. Zr  ≤0.5%.

2)Zr  0.5%~1%

3)Zr   1%~3%

4)Zr   3%~7%

5)Zr   7%~8%

6)Zr   8%~11%

1)Metal hafnium and its compound materials;
2)Refractory materials, anti-radiation coatings and special catalyst;
3)High strength glass coating.
Outer packing: plastic barrel; the inner packing adopt polyethylene plastic film bag, net weight 25KG/barrel.


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